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Please contact East Bridgewater HUGS with any questions about the program, donations, or drop-off locations.

If you are a family in need of assistance, please contact us with your name, address and best contact info and a volunteer will call you to discuss your families specific needs.

Thank you!
Theresa McNulty


Thank you from the HUGS team!
Theresa McNulty
Sandra Ockers
Mary Ahern
Nancy Smith
Jacquelyn Rose
Denise Clifford
Lori Cogan
Paula Coffey
Rosemary Saccocia
Stacey Morey
Laurie Dewhurst
Maura Bagley
Kerri Isadorio
Jenn Carroll
Stacey Coyne
Christie Ells
Patty Langton
Aimee McAlpine
Lisa Hollingsworth Mooney
Brenda Morrisey
Emily Oliver
Lauren Schaumaun
Naomi Stella
The Smith Family
Sue Wolfe
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